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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dream Job...

I sure these happen to other people. You know, those disturbing dreams where you wake up exhausted and confused and not at all rested.

Ever dream about…

  • Being in grade school and forgetting where your classroom is, who your teacher is or completely blanking out on a test?

  • You’re in college and you realize that you have a final tomorrow and you don’t remember attending classes…EVER!

  • You show up for work and don’t recognize anyone or just exactly what your job is supposed to be?

It’s been several tens of years since I last experienced one of these dreams that I could remember after waking.

I had one last night.

“…I somehow was assigned to a long term substitute assignment for the rest of the year.

The kids came in for the first day, I was trying to write “Mr. HOMEWORK” on the board and I couldn’t write the letter ‘M’. I printed it with three humps instead of two, erased it, wrote it with one hump, erased it, started again and the marker smeared all over the board.

The kids are waiting.

Over and over, again and again I kept trying and could not print that letter ‘M’. Too many humps, start over, not enough humps. I give up claiming the whiteboard markers are all “broken”.

I pick up the lesson plan. It’s written on several sizes of paper, different colors and in different languages.

The class is not one room but many different rooms. I have to go room to room to teach. At lunch time I go across the street to the teacher supply store to buy some whiteboard markers but they had only used ones that cost $5 ea and I only had a dollar.

I went to the school cafeteria for lunch and discovered that they served only reheated, freeze dried, microwave, In-N-Out burgers that stuck to the plastic bag….”

What a nightmare!

Microwaved In-N-Out burgers?

Oh, the horror!…the horror!…

1 comment:

The MAN Fan Club said...

Go for White Castle frozen burgers next time. I always hate the dream that I am at school in my underwear.