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Friday, March 10, 2006

Second Graders Can Be So.......Childish!


Finally! After a one week Presidents Day break and two idle weeks, I was able to pick up 2nd grade assignment.

The lesson for the last class I had before this one had a section about making the “right choices” when it came to nutrition. I guess the schools are getting the kids ready for the big change over to no more junk food in school.

We had been reading a story about a family and their breakfast habits, doing a work sheet on differentiating the “good” from the “bad” stuff.

“Can anyone tell me why what we eat for breakfast is important?”

-- no hands and silence ---

“A good breakfast provides you the energy you need so you are alert and won’t poop out before lunch!”

As soon as that “p” word left my mouth, I mentally tried to snatch it back but it was too late. It was out there and the kids must have HAD that good breakfast because they were all alert enough to catch it.

Yep, the substitute teacher said the word “poop” in class and they were ALL animated with giggles and comments.

I then had to spend a few minutes explaining that **THE PHRASE** simply meant “tired out”.

Talk about “wrong choices”… Yeeessh!

So with today’s second grade class, I was paranoid (Was my three week suspension, punishment for the “poop” incident?) and on the lookout to avoid more verbal poop.

Part of today’s lesson was presenting some of the science projects the kids were making. One of the projects was on “Our Solar System” and I immediately spotted a potential verbal #2.

The planet Uranus!

Not sure what words seven year olds are familiar with, I read the description replacing the planet “Your-anus” with “Your-in-us” without a hint of their poopie, bad word, recognition radar getting a fix.

It was at the end of the presentation, during a short Q&A time when I posed the following:

“Now, which planets you can see with the naked eye?

Second graders can be SO childish….

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