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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Breaking Cookies…

Tomorrow, I’m back for the third day of a four day assignment in 5th grade.

I have one particular boy who likes to wander in several minutes after the recess or lunch time break. Each time, his excuse is that he was in the bathroom, getting his jacket, lost his book, didn’t hear the bell…etc.

This is the same kid I mentally nicknamed “the wanderer” because whenever my attention is diverted, he’s out of his seat and “wandering” the room getting water, sharpening the pencil, visiting his friends, reading in the library because he lost his math book. Essentially, he’s just being disruptive when I have to interrupt the lesson to deal with it.

Me: Well, where were you THIS time?
Wanderer: In the bathroom.

Me: Everyone else seemed to have made it back in time. Why weren't you?
Wanderer: I was breaking cookies.

Me: You were what???
Wanderer: Breaking cookies.

Me: (Looking befuddled) Baking cookies!!??
Wanderer: No, breaking cookies. You know...

Me: Apparently, I don’t.
Wanderer: Pooping!! It was…
Me: Stop! I don’t need to know any more.

Now, I’ve watched the “Elmo’s Potty Time” video with both my granddaughters and I thought I knew a lot of the euphemisms for pooping, but this was a brand new one for me.

Two more days and I’m taking Wednesday off.

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Maggie K said...

I have an 8th grade wanderer. I don't know whether 5th grade wanderers are worse than 8th grade wanderers, but mine has consistently found ways to holepunch an entire stack of post-it notes and create mustaches out of black construction paper. This kid is going to be a magician someday :-)