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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rumor Has it...

...that subs in our district might be getting a pay increase next year!

This entire year, the sub line has been busy. I have had to make sure to take myself off the list the night before if I wanted a day off. I have come to hate that phone call at 05:30am. If I don't have an assignment by the time I go to bed, I'm off the list.
Add that to the two weeks off mid April for a beach vacation and you can understand my availability status has substantially declined this year.

The day after we got back, I took a 6th grade job that included recess yard duty. It was during recess, while talking with a teacher I've worked for several times, that she informed me of the news.

"I hear that you're getting a $15/day raise next near."

It seems that the "sub shortage" this year has prompted the teachers' union to petition for the increase to attract more subs from the neighboring districts.

"It's been crazy this year. Every sub seems to be busy or dropped out of the sub pool this year. We had to cancel some planning meetings and cover for each other it was so bad."

I hope it works but I also assume that this will be the first thing that the district negotiators will want to redline in the new teachers' contract.

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