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Friday, April 03, 2015

April Fools...

It didn't occur to me the significance of the date until I entered the school office to see an aide worker's desk covered in tin foil.

The office informed me that the entire 6th grade had subs today while the teachers were out for some kind of training. That explained the 4-5 faces in the teachers' lounge that I didn't recognized. With door key and attendance sheet in hand, I went to the pool of 6th graders hanging out by their classroom doors.

As I approached the pod several 6th grade students recognized me and started interrogating me for which teacher I was subbing for. So, of course, I couldn't resist a bit of fun for the holiday.

"Actually, I'm subbing ALL the 6th grade classes today. The school couldn't find enough subs so they asked me if I would sub all four classes. We'll open all the pod doors and have one giant 6th grade today!"

I was sure they wouldn't bite but to my surprise, the news spread like wildfire. Now I had a crowd of excited 6th graders pelting me with:

"For real?"
"That's awesome!"
"What are we gonna do first?"

Don't they realize what day it is? I guess not. One girl was so excited that she wanted to go in early to help out. That's when I decided, I better let them in on the joke.

I told her she had to wait until I filled out the top part of my status report before I unlocked the door.

Name: Mr. Homework
Grade : 6
Date: .....

me: "Darn! I get confused sometimes. I forgot the date today?"
girl: "It's Wednesday, April 1st"

I let it hang in the air a bit and when it didn't seem I was going to write that down, her eyes went large and she started laughing.

When her friends wanted to know what was so funny, all she said was "April Fools!"

Yep. Got'em all!

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