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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Substitute Teacher Performance Review…

Unlike most other professions, substitute teachers don’t seem to get any kind of yearly performance review or even any feedback to see now well they’re doing or not doing on the job.

It can make you a bit paranoid if the phone doesn’t ring for a week or more. The frequency of calls is pretty much the only feedback you have to gauge how well you are or are not doing.

If they keep calling, I guess you must be doing an “OK” job. If you screw up badly enough, I guess they’ll just stop calling.


I found this note on the lesson plan for a fourth grade class last week:

“My kids talk about you at home (uh, oh!). A mother told me her son was super happy about you coming this week!”

If that’s all I get, I’ll take it!


Betty said...

I know what you mean. Since I have started substituting, I always wonder what the teachers think about me. I think maybe I am too soft and need to be stricter. It's really not in my personality, but I think that the teachers expect it. My second grade grandson told me he is always good for substitutes because some of them are really picky.:)

Law and Order Teacher said...

It's always about the kids. They know who is good at their job and they are brutal in their observations. If they want you back you have obviously done well enough for them to have noticed. There you go!