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Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Weekend...

I spent a couple of days this weekend volunteering for the Tapestry Arts Festival in town. My volunteer job? Pouring several hundred cups of beer each day.

While it may be argued that what we had on tap (Bud or Bud Light) isn’t really beer, it was all we had at this pod. What all the buyers did agree on was they ratio of beer to foam ratio. The all wanted 100% liquid – 0% foam. I tried.

In reality, this talent seems to be in short supply as evidenced by the number of beer pod volunteers that attempted it and abandoned the taps to take tickets instead.

To be fair, this is a talent I learned only two years ago the when I was a newbie volunteer at this festival. A veteran beer aficionado, volunteering as part of his community service sentence, demonstrated the proper way to maximize the liquid content while minimizing the “too much foam” comments of dissatisfied customers.

The basic technique is to hold the cup as close to the tap as possible while holding the cup at a 45 degree angle to “slide” the beer gently into the cup.

While the beer is refreshing, it does nothing for your singing abilities as the Jesse Charles Band discovered when they invited some festival visitors (and evidentially beer patrons) up on stage to sing:

...lunch break in the shade:

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