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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Meow Isn’t a Sentence?...

Still borderline with the flu bug in spite of the five calls for assignments this morning. I’ll probably be “ok” for work tomorrow. No personal, in class blog post today.

Instead, one of my wife’s friends told her of this exchange between her grandson and his Kindergarten teacher this week.

The activity was to draw a picture and use the word “me” in a simple sentence.

The teacher reviewed Aiden’s work that pictured a cat with the word “Meow” in carefully printed letters.

Kteach: Aiden, where is your sentence with the word “me”?

Aiden: Right there! “ME-OW”

Kteach: But Aiden, “meow” is not a complete sentence.

Aiden: It is to the cat!

Score: Aiden 1, Kteach 0…

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