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Friday, February 11, 2005

Is anyone else out there?

As far as I know there is only one other person who frequently reads this blog. I know because Gary will phone me if I haven't updated it after he knows I've been at school.

So if there is anyone else out there, please use the comment link below this post to give me an idea how large/small my regular audience is/isn't.

Alias's and Anonymous comments to protect the guilty accepted.


Sub007 said...

I read! You're one of the few substitutes that blog, so of course I check in. I like to see what methods you're using and whether they're successful or not.

Anonymous said...

I read you are so funny and i am a sub too!

Patricia said...

I discovered your blog a few days ago - it's hilarious! - so since then I've been reading it daily. I have a whole new respect for substitute teachers now!

Lea said...

We're out here - we're just quiet! It's nice to know there are other subs out there with the same problems I have at times!

Pigs said...

Just found you on my blog! I like your sub tales!