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Thursday, February 17, 2005

An Audio Lesson Plan...

The call this morning was from a school in my favored district (ie: pays more). Ok, this looks likes a winner assignment!

That was until the automated system got to the additional voice message info from the teacher.

“…Oh, Hi! I got really sick and dizzy last night, so I don’t have a lesson plan for you. The office will have a “default plan” you can work from.

The kids need to split for math group today with two other classes. They should know what they are supposed to do. ( I key in on the word “SHOULD” ). Just ask one of the other teachers what lesson they should be doing today.

In the back off the room under the brown cabinet, is where I have all the overhead overlays for all the vocabulary. See if you can find the ones ………”

This goes on for a few more minutes of her telling me where stuff is in the room, which teachers I’m supposed to talk to, what to do if I run out of stuff.

Of course, I’m NOT writing ANY of this down because I’m staring out the window at all the rain pounding down in the back yard while having flashbacks back to that rainy day in October.

I casually click the “do not accept” option and hang up.

One hour later and another call later, I’m off to a 4th grade class that doesn’t promise doom before I get there.

P.S. Good plans, good kids. Worth the $10/day cut in pay.

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