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Saturday, January 22, 2005

English Grammar One More Time…

After reading last Thursday’s blog entry some people, mainly my wife and daughter, have offered to teach me about the difference and proper use of transitive, intransitive and sundry other English verb forms.

I thought I should give it one more try. So……….


Transitive versus Intransitive Verbs.

Not as difficult as some people think. A transitive verb takes a direct object: it shows action upon someone or blah blah something. Intransitive verbs take no direct object; they need only a blah blah subject to make blah a sentence Some transitive verbs: Hit blah zz (you have to hit something or someone; you can't just hit); climb (you don't just climb; you climb something); and bring (bring what?). Intransitive verbs: sleep zzz (you don't sleep something; you just sleep); and fall (you can fall down the stairs, but zzzz you don't fall the stairs) There are a few things zzz worth noticing. First, just because something grammatically needs a direct object doesn't mean we actually use it. If someone said, I swung zzzzz the bat and hit, we zzzzzz don't have to ask what he hit; the direct object ball is understood Second, many intransitives might blah blah zzzzzzz look like transitives, as in She walked three hours. Here blah three hours is not really a direct object; it doesn't say what she walked, but how long (it's actually an adverbial phrase) zzzzzzz Third, many verbs can be both transitive and intransitive: though ran in the paragraph above is intransitive, the blah blah same word is zzzzzzzzz transitive blah blah blah in He ran the program for zzzzzzzz two years. Children can play catch, or they can just play. Even sleep, given above as an intransitive, could become blah blah blah blah transitive if we said He slept the sleep blah blah of the zzzzzzzz righteous. The blah blah only real blah blah danger is when blah blah you start zzzzzzzzzzz changing verbs willy-nilly: "We blah blah have to think blah blah quality" (giving blah blah blah blah the intransitive blah blah think a blah blah direct blah blah object); "I blah blah hope blah blah you blah blah enjoy" blah blah (instead blah blah of blah blah enjoy blah blah it). Zzzzz.. .zzz... zzz… zzzzzz… zzzzz…zzzz… zzzzzz… zzzzz… zzzz… zzz… zzzz… zzzz… zzzz… zzzz… zzzz… zzzz… zzzz… zzzz…

Nope. Didn’t work….

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