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Monday, January 31, 2005

Boy, Am I Tired…

I didn’t accept any assignments Wednesday through Friday last week because Claudette was ill and wanted me home. So I had a five day “vacation” from teaching before going into Kindergarten today.

Kindergarten has fewer kids (16) to deal with and even an hour less class time than the upper grades. I can’t figure out how these kids tire me out so fast but they do! They’re not bad kids, just loopy! Not quite into the “classroom” routine that upper graders are expected to follow.

In the last five minutes of the day, this class is expected to clean their desks. So I figure, “Ok, a damp paper towel to the table tops isn’t a bad thing”.

Next thing I know there are kids with glopping piles of sopping wet paper towels! Add to that a bottle of liquid soap and the tables are literally foaming up the place! The topper is that the in classroom toilet is stopped up! With what, is anybody’s guess!

I finally snatched all the soap bottles away and had them get dry towels to work on the tables and chairs. What a mess in such a short time!

The tables and chairs, hopefully, should be completely dry by tomorrow. I wasn’t even going to attempt to mess with the toilet. I left a note instead.

I need another five day vacation.

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