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Friday, April 04, 2014

Sub Catcher...

No, not the Navy anti-submarine kind, but the substitute teacher assignment kind.

It's been a while since the school district I work switched automated substitute calling systems but I do remember the frustration of "telephone only access" systems like SubFinder and SmartFindExpress.

I received the following email from Tom asking if I would evaluate a new SmartPhone app that will auto search available jobs from schools using the "SubFinder Substitute Assignment System".

From an email contact:...

I'm a long time software engineer with friends that substitute teach.  I was appalled at the process they had to use with SubFinder to obtain work.  There are other 3rd party notification applications out there but our application takes it one step further.

In a nutshell this application will auto accept jobs for them based on a custom set of rules they enter into the application then send them a text message.

The free app will search your district website for available jobs based on your preferences of grade level, school location, days of the week, even teacher preference etc. and notify you of an available assignments.

For an additional onetime fee, you can also enable an auto-accept feature saving you the time of logging on to SubFinder to do it manually.

Since the district I work for uses a different system, I'm not in a position to evaluate this app appropriately.

If your school district DOES USE the SubFinder substitute teacher system and you want to test drive this app to see how you like it. Please do and, if so inclined, report some feedback here in the comments section.

Additionally, for the first five users wishing to try out the auto-accept feature, use the following:
Registration Code: RDDJSFUPSY


Mr K said...

Hi, I have found SubCatcher on my own recently and have had it running since. The registration requires a code and email address combo to verify the registration. Is this registration code above still available to "First five"? May I use it? What is the email address that the registration was bought with? I will be sure to report back here with my experience after I hear back. Thanks!

KauaiMark said...

Mr. K

That was posted quite a while ago, but you might try and use the contact link and reference your request to this post and ask.

As far as I know only two were used and they were making good use of it.