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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Human Development Class...

This is the last day of school before Spring Break and the end of my long term assignment in 6th grade. I'm in the teachers' lounge having lunch when three female teachers arrive in deep conversation about who will be doing the "Human Development" class for all of 6th grade.

Uh Oh!!

"I can take half the girls if can you take the other for the video portion. Who is doing the boys' video? Well, Mr. S said he's done it before and he's willing."


"What about the other section of boys? Mr. M is the only other male teacher who usually handles it but he's got a sub for the rest of the month"

Uh Oh!!

...AND that is how I found myself in a crowded classroom of about 50 boys with instructions to show the video and answer any anonymously written follow-up questions in the time remaining.

The reaction is what you might expect from immature males upon seeing diagrams of their "male junk" at different ages. Lots of embarrassed, riotous noise. 

"We don't need to see THAT!"

At the conclusion of the video, I thought I was going to escape the Q/A session as no one wanted to be the first to turn in an anonymously written question.

But...first one, then another and eventually a flood of single sentence questions filtered through the ranks to arrive at the front. Some questions seemed reasonably curious while others weren't.

Because of the rowdy atmosphere, I did not get to answer more than a few questions because of time constraints. That might have been a good thing.

Samples of some of the more reasonable Q's:

Why do boys have body odor?
Where are all the places sweat can come out of?
How many times do you have to use deodorant a day?
What else happens to boys?
What will puberty feel like?
Does your penis grow overnight?
What's a wet dream?
Is there a specific age boys go through puberty?
I have heard this thing about circumcision. What is that?

--and the most common question--

When can I see the girl puberty video?

The overall video content was very weak on actual information, not nearly as good as this one from 1955 and answered that last kids' question pretty wel...

Thanks to Joanne for the find!

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