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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Fast Start 2012/13...

The first few weeks of a new school year are not usually a busy time for substitute teachers.  The year 2012/13 is starting to appear as an unusual year.
I was able to pick up nine assignments in the first three weeks.

I was also able to pick up five future assignments sprinkled out for the rest of the far. I even turned down one assignment because I had previously promised some quality time with my dentist.

In only these first nine classes, I have been amazed by:

  •  One 3rd grader who apparently grasps the concept of algebraic computation. ie: (3x4)+1=13
  • At least one new 1st grader that knows the concept of negative numbers.        ie: 8-9 = (-1)
  • A 5th grader that cannot add 2-digit numbers yet as the concept of "carry" is just not there
  • I had to break up a fistfight between two 4th grade boys the first week of school. Both slugging it out with shots to the face! Both claimed the other kid started it.
  • Arriving for a 6th grade classroom assignment, I discovered that the teacher changed to teach 1st grade but did not update the subbing system to that effect. That explained the teeny- tiny chairs in the classroom and my temporary confusion.

Based on events so far, it promises to be a real interesting year.


Anonymous said...

Subbing has been exceptionally busy in AZ as well. Lots of 1/2 days and lots of IEP rooms. Taking this year as it comes.

I got new glasses, eyemasters is sure to post a profit this quarter.

Reza Bokat said...

I find this in line with the fact that the ability of students at same grade can vary significantly. And as
you mentioned a student of a much lower grade can be more knowledgeable
than a student of a higher grade.
Also we should not ignore the fact that some students who seem to be a lot beyond their grade are those who
get tutoring.

Anonymous said...

LOL about the tiny chair confusion!