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Monday, April 04, 2011

Look For The Flagpole…

Here’s a tip for beginning substitute teachers.

When arriving at a school for the first time and you are looking for the school office, look for a flagpole.

The school office is most likely located in the building nearest to it. The office door is most likely the door nearest the flagpole.

There are exceptions. I arrived to check in with 2 minutes to spare for a 5th grade class last Friday to find that the school office was missing. I’ve been to this school numerous times over the last five years and the school office was always right there behind the flagpole. The building was still there but the front desk, phones, computers, furniture, filing cabinets, school principal and office staff…all gone!

It took me another five minutes to locate the “temporary” school office in one of the unused Kindergarten classrooms.

It seems that they had just begun remodeling the “old office” to be turned into the new teacher’s lounge and resource area. The “new office” will relocated to a building at the other end of the parking lot.

I wonder if they’ll move the flagpole?


The Bus Driver said...

now that i think about it.. that makes perfect sense!

High School Diploma online said...

yeaH! mostly in schools ..