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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Only January...

Subbing 5th graders on Tuesday, I pretty much listed all the boys in the class as disruptive. Each trying to out “goof-ball” each other to see who would win the #1 slacker award for the day.

By contrast, today’s 5th grade class (different school) had only one goof-ball. Not a boy but a cute, petite girl with a huge bubbly personality but zero work ethic and no sense of “personal space”.

Constantly out of her seat and wandering the room visiting friends whenever my back was turned. The final straw was when I caught her sneaking around with scissors in hand trying to snip off part of another girls pony tail.

“You’re gonna write my name down aren’t you...”, she said as I confiscated the scissors before any serious damage occurred. “You got it, kid”, writing her up and checking the clock to see how much more time until the final bell.

Maybe tomorrow will be better at yet another school, but with different 5th graders.


Tiffany said...

I've found that 5th graders are hit or miss; either all chatty and disruptive or like this class. It's crazy. It must be that age group! I had a heck of a time yesterday with some 5th graders.

Vagabond Teacher said...

Ugh...5th grade. I was in a class yesterday with one very disruptive boy. The other kids all informed me that he was regularly in trouble. All through my math lesson he kept waving his hand in the air. When I couldn't take it anymore and asked him what he had to say, his response was, "you have a big nose." I considered booting him right then, but I kept him because I knew that he would rather be kicked out than have to stay.

Theresa Milstein said...

You, Tiffany, Vagbond Teacher, and me have been doing a lot of fifth-grade these days. I wonder why the surge in that grade.

Cutting a girl's ponytail?! I'm glad you stopped that in the nick of time (Pun intended).

Jen said...

Why the surge? Teachers are getting tired of those 5th graders! ;-D

I teach 6th and 7th graders (math) and while the 7th graders are known as *that* class (and they are indeed, a kid who can just sit and listen stands out like a sore thumb) the 6th graders are soo annoying. There's a lot of development that happens between 5 and 7th grade!

Rachelle said...

What happens when you write a student's name down as "disruptive"? Where I sub, nothing at all happens, with the exception of one teacher who punishes them by keeping them out of gym. I dislike kids missing gym -- they really need the exercise.