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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are You Weirder Than a 5th Grader?

I sometimes get weird questions and comments from students in the classes I sub.

Usual questions and comments:
  • How old are you?
  • You’re funny!
  • Are you married?
  • Do you have kids?
  • Is your wife a sub too?

Weird questions and comments:
  • Can I touch your head?

That last comment was made by a 5th grader while in the company of her regular teacher, no less. A baleful look from me and a “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” from her teacher ended that discussion.

What’s the weirdest question or comment you’ve ever heard from a 10yr old non-family member?


Rebecca said...

"You look like an actress from 'Two and a Half Men.'" I immediately gave the kid a pink ticket for good behavior before I asked him what he was doing watching that show. I am not in my 20's and I definitely don't look or dress like any of the women on that show!

Ed said...

I am 23 and i have some gray hair so a lot of students ask, "Is that your real hair?" or they say "You look like that guy from Grey's Anatomy",or "You look like Brett Farve" or "You look like Leonardo Dicaprio" all of which I look nothing like. The weirdest comment came from a 2nd grade girl who was overweight when she said to me, "You're a little Chubby," I immediately told her to sit down where she opened up her snack to reveal 3 cupcakes.

Urban School Teacher said...

"How do you get to school?"
"Are you married or divorced?"
"Why aren't you married?"
"Why do you bother doing this job?"
"What did you do before you were a teacher?"

Theresa Milstein said...

"Do you dye your hair?" My hair is dark - almost black, but it's got some grays in it, which I guess they don't see. Inexplicably, I get this question a lot.

"How old are you?" To which I respond, "Old."

Stacey said...

"WOW you have LONG hair!!" (which I do, it's down to my waist) and usually right after: "Can I play with your hair??"
"Are you pregnant?" kindergartener in my student teaching assignment pointing to my flat stomach

Rachelle said...

Where's your boyfriend? (He's a coach and many of the kids know him.)

Can I touch your hair? (I'm blond, teaching on a Native reservation).

Do you want a condom?

Why are you so mean? (After taking away a student's stash of balloons and refusing to let her look at pictures of Justin Beber online.)

How can you be older than my mom?