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Monday, June 22, 2009

Silver, Gold, Diamond, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Laptop?…

Women can always tell you what the traditional anniversary gift is supposed to be when that special date rolls around. We guys can’t remember the last time we changed our socks.

So to celebrate our wedding anniversary, Claudette told me “39” is laptop computer and wireless router. What could I say? We’re not much into sharing one computer anymore.

Now if only I could find someone with Goggle’s video chat feature, I could try out the web cam …

Update 6/23/09: Video chat works (kinda)! Daughter installed it and "called" us. The audio and video not synchronized too well. Probably a result of the speed of our ISP. It's still pretty nifty!

1 comment:

NCOldie said...

First of all, Happy Anniversary. But darn it all, I was hoping that "31" was the new computer and wireless router anniversary. I agree with the can't share ONE computer anymore.