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Friday, August 29, 2008

NY Kinders Taking 90min Tests...


"...The city is asking public school principals to consider giving math tests to kindergartners, a proposal that comes amid debate over the growing use of standardized tests nationwide.

The experiment could involve tests as long as 90 minutes and change reading assessments for kindergartners through second-graders in the nation's biggest school system, where Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration has enthusiastically embraced testing. The approach dismays some parents and educators who see it as mechanizing education.

The Department of Education unveiled the $400,000 program in an e-mail Monday inviting elementary school principals to participate. About 65 principals have expressed interest, and as many as 12,000 pupils may ultimately be involved, said James Liebman, the department's accountability chief.

I find it interesting that they aren't inviting Kindergarten teachers to comment. The Kinders I come in contact with rarely have an attention span of more than about 15mins...MAX.

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Betty said...

I feel sorry for the poor little kids. They need time to just enjoy school and have fun. Kindergarten kids are such wiggle worms. Sitting through a 90 minute test might be impossible for most of them.

Sladed said...

Utterly insane! And to what end. Simply because of a kinder's inability to stay focused for more than 10 or 15 minutes will make the test results pretty useless, at least in measuring math skills. One-on-one 5 minute assessments are tough enough. Heck, 90 minutes, even 30 minutes, is too long for 2ND GRADERS!