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Monday, February 05, 2007

New Look...

I'm on jury duty this week.

Since I can't check the jury line from the classroom, I can't take any class assignments.

Until they dismiss my juror group or I get selected and dismissed from a case, I'm stuck not working this week.

Since Blogger seems to have finally finished fiddling with the blog template editor, I thought bring the blog up to date under a more standard format.

(...I hope I don't break anything)


Well it looks like I didn't mess it up. I even got the StatCounter back in place.

One neat thing I like about the StatCounter is the "Visitor Map" feature.

It shows a graphical map of where visitors to your blog are generally located. From there you can switch to Googles satellite maps to zoom to the street level ISP point of contact.

Just click the link "View My Stats" under the counter at left, then select the "Recent Visitor Map" from the left hand menu.

I'll leave my counters enabled for public access for a while so you can take a look.

1 comment:

Darren said...

Thanks for pointing me to this. I've put it up on my own blog as well!