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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

See Habble Es Pan Oly – Part Dos….

I got a call for the same bilingual 2nd grade class I had on the 15th.

I figured this would work out “ok” since I had a good experience last time. But, it seems that familiarity breeds “Hey! We know this guy and he isn’t fierce anymore!”

It was almost like a complete different bunch of kids but I knew they weren’t because they remembered my name from the last time.

It was a constant battle to keep the noise level down enough to finish the day.

During the lunch break, some of the other teachers were complaining about how wound up all the kids were the day before the long holiday.

I hope that was the case because I’d hate to see what a third round with these guys would be like.

Maybe, I’ll avoid assignments for this class until I’m desperate for work. This is also reinforcing my reluctance to take on any “long term” sub jobs for any one class.

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