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Monday, February 03, 2014

Someone Put Garbage In My Backpack...

When I started this job 10yrs ago, I wrote almost every day because it was such a strange and different experience working with kids, teachers and the education bureaucracy. Lately, I have been wondering if I have seen/experienced it all with nothing new to report.

At 8:05 this Monday morning, a 3rd grade boy approached my desk complaining that his books got wrecked. That's not exactly something new. Kids are not exceptionally reverent when it comes to the careful handling of valuable school property. Water, juice box, melted chocolate coatings are common but this was a new one.

He shows me his hardcover Math, Reading and Science books dripping greasy goop all along the ruined warped edges of all three books.

Me: What happened?
The kid shrugs his shoulders and says, "Someone must have put garbage in my backpack."

I had him retrieve his backpack and looked inside. I saw what appeared to be a large amount of unrecognizable, fruity smelling black goo on the bottom with only the identifiable stem left.

Me: Did "someone" by any chance forget to eat "his" banana at lunch last Friday and put in your bag to take home?

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