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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Substitute Teacher - FAQ

Someone suggested that I needed a "frequently asked questions" section so...

FAQ's - Elementary School

"Do we have too?"
"Can I go to the bathroom?"
"What time is it?"
"Is it time for recess?"
"When's lunch?"
"Can we have P.E. today?"
"What do we do when we're done?"

...and this is just from today's 4th grade class.

(feel free to add your contribution(s) to this list in the comments section)


PbField said...

Some other Grade 4 FAQ gems you didn't mention:

When's snack?
Can I get a drink of water?
Where do I turn this in?
Do we have to use complete sentences?
Do we have to use cursive?
I'm done, can I use the computer?

Anonymous said...

Can we work in groups/with partners?

Anonymous said...

From high schoolers:
Can I go outside & work in the courtyard?
Miss, can I drink water? (I don't know, can you?)
Can we work on the floor?

darnod said...

Why won't you let us _____? Mr/s. _____ does all the time.

Can we leave a minute early?

When will this ever be useful?