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Monday, February 27, 2012

Who Put Tootsie-Rolls in the Snake Cage?

The first Monday after the ski week school vacation was spent in a 4th grade classroom. Like a number of other teachers in this school, this guy has classroom pets. In this one school, I have encountered: turtles, guinea pigs, rats, mice, fish, large bearded dragon lizards, and various snakes.

The two cages in this classroom each contained one pretty good sized corn snake. Initially, I wasn’t able to see how big they were. They were hiding out under tree bark covers until later afternoon when the classroom warmed. Both had beautiful orange markings. One was about 4’ and the other about a foot shorter.

Just before the end of day bell rang, one of the students came up to ask me: “Who put the Tootsie-Rolls in the snake cage”? After examining the something that DID very much look like about 6” of Tootsie-Rolls along the inside glass, we had an impromptu lesson on what snake poop looks like.

I’m just glad they didn’t ask what it was before it entering the toothy end of the snake as I could only venture that these constrictors eat live meals.

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Anonymous said...

One day in a classroom, there appeared to be a short pink tootsie roll in the gerbil cage. Upon closer inspection, it proved to be a newborn gerbil. The two male gerbils turned out to be a proud mommy and daddy gerbil! Since there was not another cage so I could separate the adults, I had to leave them together all day. The male was a gentle and attentive parent. The kids were awestruck as they watched the tiny baby nurse at Mommy's side.