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Saturday, May 16, 2009

No Pee in the Soap Dispenser…

Crisis of the day:
Three of my 5th grade girls came running back to the classroom after the start of recess. “Mr. Homework, Mr. Homework! Someone peed in the soap dispenser in the girl’s bathroom!”

This was a first. While I don’t know the soap situation in the girls’ bathroom, I know the dispensers are mounted on the wall above the sinks in the boys’ room. I couldn’t even imagine, if it WAS true, just how someone could have managed to accomplish such a physical feat.

Me: How do you KNOW it’s pee in the soap dispenser?
Girls: It’s supposed to be pink soap and it’s all orangey, yellow and icky!

Maybe custodian just filled it with different color soap today.
Girls: No, no, no, come see!

Well, I’m not venturing into the girls room for soap viewing, so instead I notified the school office and reported the “pee in the soap dispenser” situation.

Result? Due to swine flu precautions, the school district is requiring all the soap dispensers to be filled with anti-bacterial (anti-viral?) soap. Why it had to be pee yellow, I don’t know but…

There is NO pee in the soap dispensers!


NYC Educator said...

Thank goodness. You are a hearty soul to tackle this job.

Mister Teacher said...

Now if the soap was brown and chunky, THEN we've got a problem... :)

Anonymous said...

Guess anti-bacterial soap was a "new" thing for them, LOL!