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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sub Sues School District...

From the Daily Democrat Online:

"...A Sacramento substitute teacher filed a federal complaint Friday against the Woodland Joint Unified School District for allegedly violating his civil rights without due process after certain schools within the district placed him on a secret "do not call" list which prevented him from obtaining employment."

Ross said he discovered his name had been placed on a secret do-not-call list that essentially removes a substitute teacher's name from the job selection pool. Each school maintains their own list, Ross said."

"...Ross spoke with the director of Lee Middle School's summer program at the time. The school stopped offering him work after the summer of 2006 and was told his name was on the list but was not told why or what he could do about it."

"...To this day I haven't heard from anybody. No one has told me anything except two things: I am on the list and I am not an employee and they can do whatever what they want," Ross said."

"...Mike Stevens, assistant superintendent of human resources for the Woodland Joint Unified School District, said the district does maintain a "site exclusion list" for substitute teachers and it is not as much a secret as it is confidential.

"You just don't go and blanket this stuff out," said Stevens, who added that the district maintains the list in confidence to protect the teacher's reputation [emphasis added] so they will be able to find work elsewhere."


When the a school district doesn't tell the person targeted that they are black listed, they aren't protecting anyone except themselves and I doubt that the list is all that confidential among school secretaries at different schools in the same district.

Hank Hill had it right when he says: "They won't fire you Peggy, they'll just stop calling!"


Karlana said...

You know, I had thought of the "do not call" list as something everyone was pretty much aware of. If you do not perform to how you are not expected to, or if you upset someone in the administration, you are pretty much on the top of that list!

With that said, I didn't see anything about this person's job performance. In Las Vegas, NV, you are on that list if you are caught just "babysitting", mistreat the students verbally, or have said something totally wrong and inappropriate to certain people. No one ever has to tell you why you are not being asked to come back. There is no federal law on that!

Kind of interesting, though, as I am wondering what placed this particular substitute on that list!

KauaiMark said...

"...There is no federal law on that!"

If your doctor stopped taking your appts without telling you why, wouldn't you expect them to tell you if asked?

We shouldn't need a law to exercise common courtesy.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

When I went through orientation the district made it very clear that schools could place you on a do not call list. I can imagine though that word will get around, even though it's not supposed to go past that one school and sub services. Best to mind you p's and q's. Getting black listed is no fun. I'd also like to know what this teacher did to end up in the dog house. Any new updates?

Lori Freund said...

I have question I live in AZ. My husband was wrongfully accused of sexual assault. I want to sue the school district because they did nothing to prevent it. I mean they did not provide an aid or something.