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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy New Year! …


The first day of the new school year (2007-2008) started yesterday.

It has been my experience, all three years of it, that the first week of school isn’t very busy for subs. In fact, I don’t think I every subbed during the first week since I started subbing.

This year is different.

I already have subbing assignments for the rest of the week in the same class. The 5th grade teacher’s wife is delivering their baby boy today and paternity leave means the kids get a sub for the duration.

The kids were pretty good. No major dust ups. And I already knew more than half the class as 4th graders.

We’ll see if I have the same opinion by Friday afternoon

P.S. I'm also celebrating the arrival of this blog’s first ever Google advertising income check for $102.70!!! What do you know? Advertising DOES pay.


The MAN Fan Club said...

I have my first sub day pegged, September 18th. 1/2 day for a retreat so I'll probably schedule the long dreaded 40 year old physical.

Fletch: Is the whole fist necessary doctor?(as he is getting his rectum checked. "Moon river..."

How do you sign up for the Google advertising?


KauaiMark said...


Easiest way is to use the "AdSense" button in the left hand column of this blog to find out more about signing up.