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Friday, March 02, 2007

Synonyms for NO…


My approach to each new day in class is, all kids are angels unless proven otherwise.

So today, as I opened the door to Mr. Outlaw’s 6th grade class, I was sure we wouldn’t have a repeat performance of last month’s encounter.

In case you missed it, I booted this kid to the principal’s office for being a constant pain in the ass disruption in class.

Unfortunately, it seems that Mr. Outlaw has a short memory AND gained a couple of posse members since the last time I was here.

I held it together for most of the day, but finally caved and booted Mr. Outlaw and one of his sidekicks next door to another 6th grade class for some "sitting on the hands" time.

This school has great teachers that encourage exporting sucky students into neighboring classes to save the substitute teacher’s sanity contemplate the errors of their ways.

That left the weak member of the posse to cruise by every 10 minutes to ask if they could come back to class.

Just how many synonyms for the word “NO” are there?

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