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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Let Teachers Carry Guns???

I found the following story in the news today: Nevada politician: Let teachers carry guns

"LAS VEGAS - A Nevada state senator and also-ran in this year's Republican primary for governor says the Legislature should consider letting teachers carry guns in classrooms to stem a rise in school violence.

'I would expect enough teachers would be interested so it would serve as a deterrent,' said Sen. Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas. He said he's preparing a bill to introduce when state lawmakers convene in February.

I wonder when and where Sen. "Too Many Beers" got that bright idea?

Personally, if it ever got that bad in the schools around here, that's time to give up the substitute teaching job and stay home.



Laura said...

See, and if I got a gun, I'd just have to fire it off at some point to prove I was willing/crazy enough to use it. And doing that enough to maintain attention would surely cause some serious property damage, neh?

Fred said...

If not a gun, how about a taser?

Things are so bad, we now have to keep our doors locked at all times. Maybe it's time to leave.

rattln along said...

I would have a problem with deciding whether to shoot to kill or just maim. I used to joke about why the kids were scared of me by saying, "you only have to kill one and the rest will tell the story."

Sure let's take the paddle out of the school and arm the teachers. A little over-kill, wouldn't you say? (pun intended)