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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mr. Shukudai...

I’ve been remiss in my blog entries lately. It’s not that I haven’t been working. In fact, I’ve logged four class days out of six since we got back from our short midweek trip. One 4th, one 5th and two 6th grades.

Here are a few of the things I learned or noticed in the last week:

  • One of the oldest schools in the district has an actual chalk board in the classroom (in addition to whiteboards). It’s the only one I’ve seen since I started subbing.
  • My nickname, “Mr. Homework”, in Japanese is “Mr. Shukudai”. Same number of letters. Maybe I’ll use it sometime in the future.
  • Is it the best idea to wear a Ralphie Wiggum T-shirt to school if your personality actually IS a “Ralphie” type?
  • On the way to my 4th grade assignment Tuesday, I saw a lot of teachers out on street corners campaigning for a “YES” vote on the local school bond issue. Is this a valid reason to call in a substitute teacher for the day?
  • Trading 5 minutes of absolute silence for leaving 2 minutes early to lunch is sometimes totally worth it. Even if that means 32 kids watch the clock for that 5 minutes instead of working. (…For the record, they weren’t doing much of any work for the past 20 minutes anyhow)

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The MAN Fan Club said...

Joplin Missouri schools still had chalkboards in 2001. I still call them chalkboards although they are white boards.