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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Running Out of Time...


I was tempted not to take any assignments today.

I’ve worked 11 of the last 12 school days and I’m tired. But with only nine working days left, I took today’s half day assignment. I’ll be in and out of the class by noon and I should still have most of my sanity.

The lesson plan folder for today was more than complete. In addition to actual lessons, it included several “busy work” dittos, weekly reader magazines and even a video “in case you run out of stuff to do”. I had a seating chart, student notes, and classroom procedures…the works!

The teacher told me she used to be a sub and knows how it is to do the subbing job.

The only glitch I could see on the plan for today was: “Grammar – Pronouns in Prepositional Phrases with Compound Objects (If you have time…)”

My past luck dealing with English grammar assignments has been spotty at best. (…if I have time)

After taking attendance, half the class LEFT for some other class. I have only 18 students until lunch time. Surely, I can’t do the grammar assignment with only half a class. (…if I have time)

It’s a HALF day. It’s the LAST days of this school year. Is this lesson really necessary to do this morning? (…if I have time)

It COULD wait till this afternoon, right? (…if I have time)

They have a reading assignment, a writing assignment and a math assignment in addition to the grammar assignment. (…if I have time)

All I have to do is rearrange the assignment order, stretch the assignment times a tad, throw in a weekly reader and maybe the grammar assignment will slop over till after lunch when the “real teacher” will take back control.

It’s 11:45am when the teacher returns to the classroom. It appears that the grammar assignment didn’t get started this morning.

I ran out of time

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Fred said...

Uh-oh, you're giving away your age when you say "ditto." I can still remember always getting purple on my hands because I could never put it on the machine the right way.

Saved by the bell, eh?