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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Dodge Ball..

Yesterdays Monday Assignment: 1st grade (20 students) Frozen district school

Walked into this classroom and was visually assaulted by “STUFF” on every square inch of wall and floor space. It looked like a teacher supply store exploded and left this classroom crater.

I had to maneuver through the maze of stuff to find the teachers desk behind a wall of cardboard file drawers. It’s obvious this is her retreat from the kids. She certainly can’t teach from this corner kingdom retreat.

Hand written lesson plan and well behaved kids (mostly), had the day going pretty well till late afternoon P.E. that called for “dodge ball”. This game in the other district is banned.

I now know why.

The game, at least as 1st graders do it, is mostly taking the ball and run away from all the other kids trying to take it away from you while all of them scream “It’s MINE”.

A half hour of this is more than enough.

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Anonymous said...

Curious why the "cardboard files". Sounds like the school district didn't provide furniture or storage space for the teacher.